Kuldeep Saluja,Vastu Guru

    Recently Mehta ji a film producer of Mumbai e-mailed a plan of property and told me on phone that after seeing the plan of property I should advise him that for making a studio what would be the result of making investment in the property. After seeing the plan I told Mehta ji that certainly he might be getting the property for much less price. Mehta ji at once said “yes! How do you know?” I told him that there were many important vastu defects in the property and after looking the compound wall and the construction work done there in two things were certain. One was that the people doing business there might have sustained a big loss and secondly they might have faced calumny and dispute. It is the principle of vaastu that any property having vaastu defects can be bought for fewer prices than the market price. Property may be of any type the effect of its vastu falls on its price. He should also keep in mind that if he bought this property then he would also face heavy loss of money and other problems in making and running the studio. Having faced calumny and loss he would be forced to sell the property for much less price.

    Vaastu Diagram

    Having heard me Mehta ji told me that for last many years there was an amusement water park on the property and it was lying closed for last three years. For making the park money was borrowed from the bank. There was a heavy loss in operating the water park so the directors could not discharge the loan of the bank. The bank having won the court cause has taken possession of the property. The bank people were forcing him to buy the property for less than 30% of the market price and on easy installments. For many years he had account with the bank and his reputation was very good in the bank.
    The property of Water Park in almost triangular. Its compound wall is of irregular shape and there an extension in the east of the south east corner and the only entrance is in the east of the south east corner. A big portion of the north is slashed. The entire construction work inside the compound wall has been done in the east where as the west is vacant and there is a swimming pool in the middle of the property. Because of these important vaastu defects this property of Water Park is being sold to Mehta ji for less than 30% of the market price.

    Despite being a good deal I had to forbid Mehta ji to purchase the property because there was only one entry gate in the property from the main road, which was in the east of the south east corner and it could not be changed and the cut in the north. Both were such vaastu defects which could not be removed. Besides this there was extension in the south of the south east corner along the south, there was extension in the west of the north west corner along the west, there was rectangular extension in the south of the south west corner. To remove these vaastu defects much of the space would have been rendered useless and the swimming pool in the middle had to be filled because a pit in the middle made a king a beggar. In all it would have been a loss making deal.
    We get information about the property being bought and sold for less than the market price. It is to be noted that there are vaastu defects in the property being sold for less than the market price. For how much less price the property is tobe sold depends on its vastu defects. There are some vaastu defects which can be removed and there are some vaastu defects which cannot be removed.
    If there is any vastu defect in the property and it can be removed and property can be made vastu suitable then the property can be bought. If the vaastu defects of any property cannot be removed then in howsoever less price it is being sold it should not be purchased at any cost. Similarly the vaastu suitable property is always sold at the market price or more than that. It is prudent to pay some more money than the market price for a vaastu suitable property.